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Introducing Wildstar Harvest Circles

by BloodEagle, 69 days ago

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   Introducing Crimson Wing WildStar Harvest Circles!

Do you play WildStar 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? We didn't think so... Are you a Miner, Relic Hunter, Survivalist, or Farmer? How would you like to join in a node/crop sharing program that helps you to harvest your materials even when you are not online?

How it works:

If you are a Miner, you are placed in a circle with other Crimson Wing Miners who also have Mining Fabkits down, everyone places their neighbor share at 50/50, and then goes crazy mining each other's nodes every chance they get. For each neighbors place you mine, you get 50% of the harvest, and they get the other 50% mailed to them which results in each person getting free materials harvested for them even when they are not online.

For more in depth information and a list of who is doing it, please click the links below:


Relic Hunters



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New TeamSpeak Etiquette Rules

by BloodEagle, 77 days ago

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TeamSpeak Etiquette:

Crimson Wing makes HEAVY use of Teamspeak. The majority of our members are consistently communicating using this technology. This results in a large number of members trying to communicate in the same channel. In order to alleviate some of the obstacles to effective communication,  here are some basic rules to abide by. These rules WILL be enforced by the management.

   On the subject of enforcement, here is the basic concept of how this will be accomplished. 

   - Verbal warnings will be provided to you if you are infringing on the rules.

   - Multiple infractions in a given session may result in you being moved to the "Penalty Box" and globally muted. This will be your home until you timeout on the server or disconnect.

   - Continuous infractions throughout multiple sessions may result in a number of administrative actions to include, but not limited to: Permanent "Golobal Mute", TS Ban, or even possible dismissal from Crimson Wing. 


1. DO NOT talk over other people. If you cannot hear them when they speak, turn them up in TS. 

2. Use the Dungeon I, II rooms for running Dungeons and Adventures. Spectators are allowed in to those rooms, however, they will NOT speak. 

3. If you are the type of person that feels it is necessary to describe every single thing they are doing in the game or IRL, DO NOT. Contrary to what Twitter and Facebook want you to believe, the majority of people do not care. 

4. If you need to have an extended conversation with someone, or want to discuss something other than the game, please move to another unoccupied channel. 

5. Raid Channels: When raid channels are created, they are to be treated as the same rules as Dungeons. In addition, During pulls (fights) the Raid Leaders are the primary speakers. They will appoint other people to speak during fights (ie, tanks).



- The Management

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A few pictures from Nexus...

by BloodEagle, 79 days ago

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   A few pictures from our first days in WildStar

Jico, BloodFox and Phlux did a bit of mountain climbing and posed for a picture:


The first successful all guild run of StormTalon's Lair:

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CW Intelligence Photos
Uploaded by: BloodEagle on 2014-06-10 13:08:40
1st full guildrun of StormTalon's Lair
Uploaded by: BloodEagle on 2014-06-10 13:08:05
Jico, BloodFox and Phlux go mountain climbing
Uploaded by: BloodEagle on 2014-06-10 13:06:55
WildStar Panorama
Uploaded by: BloodEagle on 2014-04-25 07:11:16
Blood's ETS2 truck closeup
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