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Black Desert Online Releases March 3rd

by Sevidicus, 9 days ago

Exciting news! With CBT 2 right around the corner, Daum Games announced that Black Desert Online (NA/EU) will officially launch on March 3rd. The last date for pre-order, if you are considering pre-order for the goodies, is February 26th at 08:00 UTC. Here's to what will be a great month leading up to the release!!

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Star Citizen is about to get a WHOLE lot more expensive!

by BloodEagle, 26 days ago

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February 1st, Star Citizen gets a WHOLE lot more expensive!


Star Citizen started out as a kick starter at the end of 2012 and has been progressing along through early development. Up until now, the entire package that included the single player game, the multiplayer game, your hangar and ship, as well as all of the other goodies could be gotten for the low, low price of $45, $15 cheaper than a normal game.

As of February 1st, 2016 that will no longer be the case, as the packages are being broken up and the single player game will cost $45, as well as the multiplayer game including a ship, hangar, etc. costing an additional $45. That is $90 for the full package. Before you say you do not mind only playing one or the other, please keep in mind that the single player game is the kickoff and ties in heavily to the multiplayer game, so I urge you, if you think you might be interested in playing Star Citizen with us, please visit the link below and get your package today!

Click HERE to sign up for an account!

(link uses my personal referral number for SC)

Once you have done that:

Click HERE for one version of the cheapest package!

Click HERE for the other version of the cheapest package!

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Black Desert 2016 changes

by BloodEagle, 35 days ago

Black Desert CBT 1 changes


CBT 1 has been complete for awhile, and we are all eagerly anticipating and awaiting CBT 2. In the meantime I posted about a CBT 1 survey that had been posted on the Black Desert website, and it seems they are taking our answers to heart.

In an official forum post here Daum lets us know a few steps that are already going to be implemented in CBT 2 and release, among them an actual increase of EXP for grouping and the news that Energy potions WILL NOT be sold on the cash shop.

This is all good news, and I imagine there will be more to come soon, as well as a date for CBT 2.

It has been decided that Black Desert will be Crimson Wing's next "Official Branch".

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